Gourmet Coffee and #CupofKaffe

We just moved last Friday so Gourmet Coffee was a must have to jump start my energy level through out the move.  My first item packed was my Keurig single serve coffee machine.  I was also excited to try the Gevalia single-serve coffee.  Moving takes every bit of energy out of you.  I want to start my morning off with a K-cup that is quick and easy to prepare with zero mess.

I was excited to try Gevalia Mocha Latte, Gevalia Caramel Macchiato and Gevalia Cappuccino, one or all three.  I went with the Cappuccino because that was all that was left at my Walmart.  The Gevalia Mocha Latte box looked like it was run over by a bus so I went with only the Cappuccino.  You can check out my shopping experience on my Google + profile.  

You pour the froth packet into your cup first and then you add the espresso K-cup into the Keurig machine and let if brew, I watched magically my Cappuccino appear.

I chose the 8 ounce cup size.

I was already feeling a bit relaxed and ready to get my day started.  I don't need any sweets when I want to indulge and treat myself.  Just straight up flavor.

Did I say I love my Keurig single serve coffee maker?   I cut out trendy high cost coffee shop drinks a long time ago.  I am looking for the Best Single Serve Coffee that I can enjoy at home.  That can really add up in a year!  How about treating myself to a new pair of boots at the end of the year?

In the afternoon I am ready for a little pick me up.  The Gevalia Cappuccino delivered.  I add a topping of whipped cream for a little bit of sweetness and a well deserved break from my busy day of working and unpacking my house.

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