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Living on the farm the last few years got me off track on my diet. I am now back on track with my healthy eating and exercising.  Tuna is an important protein that I incorporate into my diet daily.  My husbands diet too.   I was thrilled to taste Skipjack Tuna and prepare a healthy dinner for my husband and I.

The Skipjack Tuna from Ocean Naturals is Wild Premium Tuna. I have the Mediterranean-Diet cook book and have practiced this way of eating.  Tuna is a convenient way of getting protein in our diet which is a great lean source.  The fact that it is so convenient means a lot to us.  Want to know where your tuna comes from? Check out http://oceannaturals.com/my-tuna and enter the info off of your can..

Ocean Naturals starts by using only wild, responsibly-caught seafood.  There are zero fillers or additives added to this Skipjack tuna.   I am using an oriental cucumber, avocado, some fresh ginger and the Skipjack Tuna.  Along with this I made some Sushi Rice and a spicy mayonnaise.

Sushi rice is basically a particular rice and rice vinegar with a bit of sugar.  Look for a post tutorial making Sushi Rice soon.

Creating healthy tuna recipes in my kitchen happens weekly.  This recipe can be a healthy lunch or a healthy dinner option.  I had my spicy mayo and sushi rice ready to fill the Nori.

After laying down the nori roll I added my rice and topped it with the Ocean Naturals Skipjack tuna along with the oriental cucumber and avocado pieces.

Now the rolling process.  You may have to practice a few times but it is really pretty simple.  The trick is to squeeze while rolling.  As you roll you will pull back on the mat so it does not roll into the roll.

Once you get to this point give it a good squeeze so it doesn't fall apart when you cut.

I made two different batches.  One with the seaweed on the outside one with the rice on the outside alla California roll.

Tuna sushi is naturally delicious.  It tastes so fresh and makes me fill healthy while eating it.  

I would like to point out how flaky the tuna was hen I opened the can.  My cats bolted on the counter when they smelled it.

 Marine Conservation We think it’s vital that we support global marine conservation initiatives such as sponsoring renowned scientific research and playing an active role in the International Seafood Sustainability Foundation (ISSF). To learn more about the ISSF at http://iss-foundation.org/

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