Fresh Step and Cat Bearding

 As you can see we have lots of cats. Kitty litter is really important to have in the house at all times. We were thrilled to try Fresh Step Odor Shield Formula kitty litter from Sam's Club. Right now they are offering Double Paw Points through 10/31 when you purchase the 42 lb. package at Sam’s Club.

Are you saving Paw Points? You can collect them on every package of Fresh Step and enter the point codes online to earn rewards all involving what else but cat products! Some kitty litter makes me cough horribly. We look for natural products with plant extracts for the best odor control.  So cleaning out the box is much easier.


Cat Bearding is a new craze so I had to try it out. There are some really cool pictures out there with some incredible cat bearding photos. Cally here is not a cat to allow me to pull her head back a bit, umm she would bite me. So funny how a new product in the house invites the cats to check it out.

I noticed a difference immediately in the kitty litter.  I can say it was much easier to clean with better clumping.  Hey that is important with so many cats!   You can check out my whole shopping experience on my Google + Profile.  Were going to start getting our Double Paw Points!

Lets try this again with another cat.

This little guy let me have fun with the Cat Bearding session but I still need more practice to get a better shot. We are moving soon and will be downsizing our kitties.  This makes me so sad but so far we have found homes for all of them.  Have you tried Cat Bearding?

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