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I am so thrilled to have had a chance to try the Walmart Family Mobile Plan.  I posted about my experience buying the phone and setting it up about a month ago when we had to look for a Cheap Wireless Plan.   My husband started a new job three weeks ago.  We lost a company car, company gas card along with his cell phone and cell service that the company paid for.

You know I had read about the lowest price rate plan that Walmart Family Mobile was advertising and quite frankly never thought of it for myself.  I guess I think along the lines to good to be true.  The plan that I am on now is pretty close to this plan but I pay about $100 a month with a few bells and whistles added on.  I was excited to see my husband use his phone just like his last and see if there would be any extra charges.

We picked up a myTouch from T-Mobile.  T-Mobile is our families provider so I was totally comfortable with this.  Finding the best wireless plan was so important especially because he decided to take a pay cut for his position.  With that being said we were looking at a lag in his first pay check.  I was afraid about the extra $200 or $300 bill buying a cell would cost.

This is pretty cool, he gets a text letting him know the bill will be do and the exact amount.  Look at that price.  $27.77 when I had a myTouch my bill was between $70 and $125.00 .  He can go into the Online Account Management system online and pay his bill. Is this a cheap wireless plan?  Well heck yes it is.

Our plan is to get our family switched over when the contract expires.  The kids use texting way more then talking on the phone.  From looking at my cell bill I have only used 2.8GB of 5 GB.  The thing about that number is I don't really pay attention to when I am using the download capacity.  So for me my bill monthly is average $100 if I could cut it down to say $30.00 that would be quite a savings don't you think?

Dave was able to set up his phone without any problems and has been extremely happy with the service.  Looking forward to also setting my mother up.  Her phone is about $50.00 a month and it is NOT a smartphone.  You can check out the whole shopping day over at my Google + profile and my awesome deals with #FamilyMobileSaves. #cbias

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