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The past few years I have seen a big switch in my sleeping patterns.  This past year I have been experiencing Premenopause symptoms which has had me waking with heat flashes.  Sleep Solutions are something I have been thinking about a lot.   I have yet to venture down the road about diet and possible things I can do do detour this from happening.  It has gotten better I have noticed with a good diet and exercise plan.

This past week I have tossed and turned more then ever.  My husband just started a new job which will be less stress but a dedicated schedule which will be 8-5pm with an hour drive both ways.  His last job being quite stressful he could start early and be home early.  Drive time counted.

I decided to check out the online resource Answers at Walgreens and chat with a pharmacist.  I can get lost with all the sleep medications out there that are over the counter.  I am not cool talking to a pharmacist face to face that I don't know either.  My doctor yes, a complete stranger not so much.   I logged into my Walgreens account to get the ball rolling sort of hesitant how long it would take.

I also quickly checked out the FAQ section of the Walgreens answers.

I am already a Walgreens Balance Rewards member so I am eligible.  The session is private so I can be comfortable with my questions, I like that.

I logged in and started the chat.  Wow this window popped up fast!  I love the idea of being able to talk to the pharmacist 24x7 things in life happen and I like to be armed when I go looking for over the counter medicines.  I loved the simple questions to me and the quick response.  Answers Balance Rewards is a great opportunity for me to earn some points while getting the help I need for my sleeping problems.

Your able to print this off or email to you or someone else.  So he is suggesting Unisom.  Hmm, I have never taken that.  Seems so old school to me.  But I like that this product has some other benefits as well.

I was armed and ready with my printout to head over to Walgreens and check out the product the pharmacist recommended.  

It was pretty crowded they were doing inventory.  I found the area with the sleep solutions and began to browse.

I was pretty thrilled to have researched ahead of time so I new what I was looking for when the Manager asked me.

I picked up the Unisom that the Pharmacist suggested and two other Walgreens varieties that are similar to another name brand.  Looking forward to a good nights sleep so I can get up early to work out!

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