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My newest obsession! I am so excited to partner with FitBit! This is not a sponsored post, I did sign up as an affiliate right after my first day using FitBit. At 47 the last few years I have gained weight not so much noticeable to people that see me daily but most important noticeable to me.

I am excited to share with you how this product can motivate you to exercise and be mobile.

I had a great day on Tuesday!  My everyday goal is 10,000 steps.  I went 2743 steps over my goal.  I even get a text message telling me I hit my goal.   I wear the FitBit tracker right on my collar of my shirt.

 Lots of tracking to help keep you aware of what your eating.

FitBit tracks your activity throughout the day.  I like to see where I am more active.  How can I be more active during certain times in the day when I am not working.

I like getting new FitBit badges.  Seriously it is motivation.  It was 9:00 pm the other night and I was almost to 10,000 steps so I went for a quick walk down the road.

There are three different trackers, I have the "One" that easily attaches to my shirt.  The Zip is a step tracker only.    The scale is next on my list.  I have the FitBit app which I love.  This is part one since I am still learning and training.  This is my link if you want to check it out. You're just steps away from better fitness. Try Fitbit now.
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