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I am so excited to test drive the Walmart Family Mobile service at Walmart.  You thought they just sold phones right?  My husband has decided to take a new position with a new company in about a week.  He has been with his current employer for over eight years and has come to the conclusion after a lot of soul searching that he wasn't moving in the direction he wanted to be in.  We now need a Cheap Wireless Plan.

He has a company car and company phone.  These will be going back.  Our plan was to add another line onto our T-Mobile plan.  I don't know about you but our bill seems to get higher and higher.  I get these little texts saying I am close to reaching my data limits. I have unlimited data limits so I find that to be a question rather then a statement. We currently have 5 lines on our plan running at the highest about $125.00 a month.  We need the lowest price rate plan for my husband.  I also believe he will be reimbursed for his service so being frugal is a great idea.

I was excited to hear about a no contract service and a great priced phone that we can purchase straight up.  $39.88 monthly for unlimited talk, text and web is an incredible price.  I know added to our bill is our monthly payment of the cell itself.  I think it is more like we lease our phones.  I keep upgrading meaning getting another $20.00 added on my bill.

There are a lot of unlimited plans out there, research is key.  Finding the best wireless plan and phone for my husband will ease his transition into his new role.  I also want him to really learn all he can do on the web through Google drive sharing docs with his maintenance men.

We purchased the T-Mobile My Touch phone at a great price of $129.88 this is a great price point and is actually at a roll back price.  I think my plan is up for renewal soon so I am excited to test this plan out.  You can have up to five lines on the plan which is how my current service is.

  We purchased a starter kit for $25.00 which has a special activation code and your sim card.   You have the option of setting the cell up yourself or having the salesperson set you up.  Walmart Family Mobile has online account management and information system for you to set yourself up. Get online access to your Family Mobile account Signing up is fast, free, and easy, and you’ll be able to: View bill details and make payments Check call and text use and set limits Get help with your phone Manage your data.  We chose to activate online.

Really simple to set your service up.  It takes you step by step through the process.

Let's break this down. The Walmart Family Mobile plan has two prices - $29.98 for unlimited talk & text or the $39.98 plan for unlimited talk, text, and Web. The Web data option gives you 5 GB of data at up to 3G speeds for email, video, photo sharing, Twitter, Facebook, and more. An additional line is $24.98 or $34.98 for web.  There is a really informative FAQ section that answers questions like, how do I use my own phone on Family Mobile?

I am already seeing a savings of a lot of money here.  I pay around $125.00 for my 3G service with the same amount of data download.  This is going to be a great month comparing our bills.

I am really excited to test out the Walmart Family Mobile plan, well my husband will be using it but I will be the tracker.  Watch for a post next month on my experience, you can also check out my shopping experience over at my Google Plus profile.
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