My MasterCard experience #PricelessGolf #MC

I feel so blessed being a MasterCard holder and being able to take my son to the TCP Blaine Golf Course this past week.  We attended their MasterCard member for a day experience and let me just say it was a Priceless Golf experience.  If you have read my blog you saw a post I did last week about how excited I was for the event.

To be honest I was a bit nervous for the whole experience.  Why?  I took golf lessons over the Winter and have not done much golfing this Spring because the weather has been so wet and cold.  I don't have the best golf attire either.  So going to a private club had me a bit nervous.  My son and hubby said don't be ridiculous, you're just fine.  

Look at the beautiful Pro Shop where we entered to check in for our Tee Time.  I had my check in information and was so pleasantly surprised when I said, "Hi we are here for our 7:48am Tee Time" and the gentlemen behind the desk said great you're all set.  My son and I each got a $25.00 gift certificate and was told our box lunch would be delivered on the course around 10:30am.  I was put at ease immediately.

I love my MasterCard and the many benefits I receive as a card holder.  To be on the course with my son with ample time to soak it all in was simply amazing.  Here I am on the first hole have a Priceless Golf sort of experience first thing in the am.

My son has a golfing app on his phone which he was showing me.  I was pretty impressed with it.  The Club Car was ready to rock and roll for us when we left the Pro shop as well.

My son was in heaven!  It was a beautiful morning.  To be able to experience this private course as a MasterCard holder was a reminder why we love our card.  I started golfing because now that the kids are older I wanted a sport I could enjoy with my husband for years to come.  I can also play with my boys who are in their 20's for years to come as well.

In the sand traps.

I was having an absolute fabulous time.  I was amazed at how perfect the course was.  They also had a huge crew taking care of the grounds non stop.  The beverage cart came around all the time which was perfect because it started heating up quick.  The staff was so friendly.

We talked about how lucky we were to be on this private course pretty much all to our selves.  We never had anyone behind us and only caught up with the folks ahead of us one time.  When we hit the ninth hold we saw a lot more people around the first hole.

Look at this sand pit, so awesome.  I was in love with the course it was stunning. My son has been golfing since he was in 3rd grade.  He was very impressed with the course and the MasterCard Priceless golf experience.

We were delivered our box lunch so we took a break and took in our surroundings. The Manager of the club dropped by to check on us and ask how we are enjoying our MasterCard member for a day experience.  My son chatted about how much he loved the course and the grounds and especially how dry the greens were.

It was an absolute perfect morning.  We finished up in under four hours.  My son said we that was a great time.  I have no clue how I did  since I am a beginner I have yet to start keeping score when I am with family.  Thank you MasterCard for such an amazing experience and for taking good care of your card holders.
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