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I am so excited this Spring to start golfing!  I took lessons over the Winter and finally feel confident enough to get out on the course.  We have had very weird cold rainy weather all Spring so I have only been out a few times.  My husband and I have been married for over 27 years and I have finally taken up golf so we can have a hobby together.  Being out on the course on a beautiful day gives us great quality time together!  My boys also golf so spending time with them is really important when they are in their 20's.  Having Priceless Moments with them is just that Priceless.

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MasterCard is giving their card holders a Pricelessgolf moment to remember! How would you like to access the very same courses as a PGA TOUR Player? Well I am so excited I am going to get a chance to do this with my husband! Some of the Golf Benefits are World and World Elite TPC® Access, World and World Elite Course to Yourself, Member For A Day® Series, and a PGA TOUR Player Experience.

As a Member for a Day, your package includes a round of golf, $25 merchandise credit, boxed lunch at check-in or on the course. $85 per player. That is what I am excited to be a part of!  I will be at the TPC Twin Cities golf course! We will receive a round of golf, a boxed lunch and a $25.00 merchandise credit.  How cool is that?  So MasterCard is giving you a chance to be a member for the day an experience the experience. I love my MasterCard Priceless benefits! My husband is so excited I caught him in the back last night shooting golf balls.  A Priceless Golf game will be talked about for many years in this house after next week.

Exclusive benefits for World and World Elite MasterCard cardholders
Private Club Access: Enjoy membership benefits of private TPC properties Course to Yourself: Secure the first tee time and play at your pace. This is your day. Spend it any way you like. 
 Resort VIP: You don’t have to be a TPC member to get the VIP treatment. All you need is a MasterCard.

MasterCard is the only major credit card I have ever carried.  Have you experienced a MasterCard Priceless moment?

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