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  Energizer Headlights

This is my first guest post! I am thrilled to be part of my wife's shop. I am Dave and I started blogging over at Guy-DIY it is still a bit under construction but I figured I should jump in. I am a Residential Maintenance man who needs a work headlight for many of my everyday tasks. Bright headlights are extremely helpful for me when I am under neath a sink and it is dark.  Beam headlights help when looking down a dark sink for the culprit of a clogged pipe.

We headed out to Walmart to do our grocery shopping this weekend and to pick up the Energizer headlight. I have been very well acquainted with the energizer bunny over the years so was really looking forward to picking up a few more batteries for spares.

Energizer Beamlight

The night headlights work great in a dark closet when trying to change a bulb the wife has been getting on me to fix.  No excuses here.  I love being able to use two hands while doing my job.

Bright Headlights

I cannot tell you how many work flashlights I have lost during my 25 year career in  the maintenance field. Charging lithium batteries are a staple in my tool bag.  In my line of work I need my tools to be on and ready to rock and roll all day.

Work Flashlight

This area is pretty dark so being able to utilize full power mode is sweet.  Now if I was using my work flashlight this would be a bit cumbersome indeed.  The adjustable headstrap and pivoting headlight lets me look at problems at an angle.  Almost gets me excited to get to work.

Energizer Flashlight

I am really stoked about not needing my work flashlight.  They fit really comfortably around my head too.

Work Headlight

As you can see I am looking forward to hanging the Energizer headlight right next to my tool bag in my work van.  They are going to come in handy!  You can connect with Energizer on Twitter and Facebook  Want to check out all the different Energizer headlights?  Check out our Google + story.
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