DIY Raised Garden Bed

Look what hubby built for me last night!  I still have more plants that I picked up which were way late planting here in Minnesota.  The weather seriously has been the worst Spring in maybe over 15 years.  This is all Hot Peppers for my salsa I will be canning this fall.

I wanted another raised bed in front of the kitchen Window that would be 3 foot high.  Hubby loaded up the trailer with wood from the barn and began building.  It looked pretty easy the way he just starts cutting.  This weekend he is teaching me how to build.  So excited!

I believe it is 2 1/2 wide by 4 foot long.  Great size for my jalapeno plants.  He then hammered on the sides and then the bottom.

Looking good right?  My husband will be posting about this with better instructions on how simple this is to build over on his new blog Diy-Guy  I am working on getting it looking pretty for him.

I laid plastic down on the bottom and then we were ready to start filling.

This is our side entry this weekend we are painting the steps and laying wood chips in this area.  I through down patio bricks when we first moved in because it was so muddy, so those will be pulled up and a patio built.  That job is a bit more time consuming not to mention back breaking.

Have you started any DIY garden projects?

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