Chance after the Loss of his girl Tory

We lost Tory our Beagle/Lab over a month ago.   We were really worried about Chance.  Chance is our rescue pup.  We got home when Tory was about a year.  She did not like him at all, he was about 6 months old.  She growled at home and would not be in the same room with him at all.  She use to wake in the morning and  beg to be talked to.  She would literally talk to us until we gave her attention.  Until we brought Chance home.

This was Tory on our walks down by the river in the winter, she loved those walks.  It was pretty stressful just taking her on walks because she barked uncontrollably because she was so happy.  Then is she saw anyone on the walk she would bark like she was going to be attacked, that led Chance to always be nervous to guard her.  But we loved her so much.  She had to lay on top of the couch and stare out the window all day just to see people to bark at.  When we moved out to the farm she was shocked to see that maybe once a week she would see someone go by on a horse LOL.

Chance sits at the door most days waiting to go outside.  He then falls asleep right there in front of the door.  I figured he would be looking for Tory the days after she was gone but he seemed to do better then I expected.  I believe because we found her on the bathroom floor the next day, Chance knew she was gone.  He probably smelled her I am only guessing.  When we covered her we asked him to say goodbye to Tory.  He smelled her again and walked away.  So I think he knew.

Now we have a little visitor while my daughter is living at home.  Aerial just graduated with a Medical Assistant degree she got Paisley for a Christmas gift from her boyfriend this year.  Chance tolerates her :-)

Do you see Chance in the rear view mirror?  When he rode in the car with Tory she barked the whole time, he never got to experience a ride in leisure.  So I have been taking him with me when ever I run errands.  He finally started sticking his head out the window just a tiny bit.  He is happy and loved.  Just wanted to right a little update on the passing of Tory and how Chance is doing.  
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