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Dave and I spend a lot of time outside doing projects and need time to quench our thirst as often as possible. I also need time to chill and relax with a nice cocktail. Bigelow Tea is a staple tea in our home which I have used many times to make a sun tea but this weekend I decided to use some of the herbs in the garden and steep them with lemons into the Green Tea. We could drink this while we worked. I also decided to make a Sangria with Merlot Wine, Green Tea and fruit. I headed to Walmart to pick up my Bigelow Tea and the ingredients for the drinks.

I picked up Lemons, Grapes, Watermelon, Cantaloupe and one Mango I added this into my large canning jar which I use as a pitcher.  I then poured two cups of Merlot Wine over the fruit and let this infuse for two days.  I decided to go with the Bigelow Green Tea and add my different flavors in.  I have many different Bigelow Tea flavors in the pantry, it is the only tea we buy.  Quite frankly we drink it because of the benefits we get from the different flavors.

Dave added the two cups of Merlot Wine into the fruit blend.  Then I steeped 5 Bigelow Tea bags into boiling water and let it cool.

We grilled Pork Chops, Corn on the cob, Potatoes and Brussels sprouts it was way to warm to turn on the oven.  The Bigelow Tea has so many great benefits to each variety you choose.  I picked up the Lemon Ginger Herb plus Probiotics.  At 47 I need a drink that supports healthy digestion.  Put that into my Sandgria recipe!

So to the left is the Sangria ingredients and to the right is the Lemons and different varieties of mint.  I love making sun tea in the summer. You can use many different herbs and fruits for your Tea on ice creation.

The Infused Green Tea with 4 different Mint varieties and lemons was so good.  A perfect pick me up while were working outside.   You can use any variety, I use one tea bag for every 6 ounces of water and a few handfuls of herbs.  I also added three lemons.  Let it sit out in the sun for a few hours and your ready to pour it over ice.

The herbs were fresh from the garden.  I picked them up at the Farmers market.  The Bigelow Tea and Ingredients I got at Walmart.  You can see my whole shopping experience at my Google + profile.

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