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Hello I don't have a name yet, they just call out here kitty, kitty, kitty.  I know I am a kitty and am well loved with a lot of brothers and sisters and aunts and uncles.  Right now I live out side in many different areas.  I go in the house every few days and check out how the indoor cats live.  I already am catching things around the farm and am trying to get me a bird.  Hasn't happened yet by I am learning.

Hi there, I too don't yet have a name but I come when I hear the word Kitty, Kitty.  I actually spent the night the other evening in the main house.  My brothers and sisters were all out at the big barn, I saw April through the living room window watching TV and drinking something red, I made my best move.  I jumped up on the wood and gave my best meow.  She peered outside and saw that I was alone and invited me in.  The big dog and cats must of been sleeping so I had time to find a good spot and fell asleep for the whole night.

Here are three of four kitties that are ready to find a home.  Mommy is right there by them taking care of them.  We built a nice two story hay filled sleeping quarters going down the stairs to the basement.  It is cool, dry and safe yet she brings them all out front on the front porch.

The little kitties are not afraid of the chickens at all which cracks me up.  I am putting an add on Craigslist today for free kitties.  I am also going to get some tweets out.  We are located up in Isanti, MN and would love to have our kitties find a new home or farm.

Hi there, I was one of the first barn babies.  My twin brother went with April's son and gets to live inside.  I am really good at catching mice and get along with the chickens and dogs.  I am so friendly and purr a lot.  I am a boy and would love to live inside but love being outside when it is nice weather.  I get fed in the AM and well I watch April fill the bowls whenever they are empty.

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