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I have night blindness, you will rarely catch me on the road at night.  I mean it is my husband that will drive at night.  The headlights are the worse for me too, you may see me with my prescription sunglasses on to cut down on glare.  What is really scary is headlights that are on but are dull and yellow from age or the elements.  
Did you know that October is headlight safety month?  This is a perfect time to check out what other drivers and kids on the road see as you turn those headlights on.  Especially the night all the kids are out trick or treating!  Pep Boys stores has a really cool product that I am excited to share with you!  It is a headlight restoration product for your lights.  3M.jpg (4 documents, 4 total pages) is something you can do yourself with out having to bring your car in to a automobile work shop.  I want my daughter to be able to maintain her car all by herself.  This is something that her headlights can probably use since we just bout her an older vehicle.  
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Wow that is quite a difference.  I have a new car but the problem is we live on a dirt road.  The dirt road is a mile long before pulling into our dirt road driveway.  So with that said this is something they may be needed for my car this fall.  Looks like all you need is a small household drill to work the magic on your headlights.  My daughters birthday is coming up, I think I will have dad give her this kit then we know she is safe for the fall and Winter months when snow and sleep can make driving difficult.

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