Daily Chores that make me smile #HappyChickens

Things are coming together at the Decheine farm.  I have a good schedule down now letting the girls out  when the sun rises, feeding them, changing their water and giving them their breakfast.  I make them oatmeal or grits every morning.  The race out of the coop with giddy clucking noises.

Tory likes to come out in the morning and help me, she walks right up to the chickens and they run at her, put their little beaks in the air and ask her in the chicken clucking ways to back off our area.  Oh she does, the barn cat's do too!
It was cold this morning, the sky was looking like it may turn into a rainy day but so far it has been sunny and brisk. Tomorrow we may get rain which we need anyway so we planned on working inside and shopping on Saturday and Sunday spendy time winterizing the coop and getting boxes built for the barn cats.
The chickens come right up to me but don't let me pet them, do you pet a chicken?  I have yet to try to pick one up! 

This is Chance, he stays far away from the chickens, he finds them an odd group I think LOL..  What are your weekend plans, hope you have a great one!
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April ran away from Suburbia to live life more sustainably with her husband. The kids are all grown but return quite often. She is a little city mixed in with Martha Stewart like smarts. She is an ex IT downsized Corporate gal. Follow her as she learns all the Green Acres chores on her 40 acre farm while introducing her readers to products she believes in.

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