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Cool Whip Frosting
It has been a busy year and the end of the year is looking very bright for my daughter.  She is graduating with her medical Assistant degree and will begin her internship in December   It will be a tough to months working full time with little pay to learn her trade.  She was coming over for a visit and I was excited to bake her some goodies.  I had to go to Walmart to pick up my hair coloring so I decided to buy some goodies too.  Guess what?  I was going to get to try the new Cool Whip Frosting!  How cool is this?  You can find it in your freezer section.  Check out my shopping experience.
I seriously get to Walmart three times a week, I know all the darn cashiers it is pretty funny.  I was hoping my Walmart would have the new Cool Whip Frosting , I was in luck.

Cool Whip Frosting

 Cool Whip Frosting has some major bright eye catching colors.  I decided to pick up two flavors.

Cool Whip Frosting

I decided on making cupcakes from carrot cake.  If you read this blog on a regular basis you know I don't do sweets.  My kids are the same.  Carrot Cake is one cake everyone loves.  I got the Cream Cheese flavor and Vanilla flavor.  I think these flavors will be perfect.  Aerial was on her way over and said she would help with the frosting.

I got all my ingredients together and just realized I have never made a cake or cupcakes for my blog.  I don't even own a hand mixer.  All these years of making birthday cakes, I have used a darn large spoon to mix my cakes.  Lumps were a given but my kids didn't care what it looked like.  So I got out my handy dandy chopping machine and that did the trick no problem!

I love having the kids in the kitchen with me, Aerial ask's a lot of questions about cooking now because she makes dinner for her boyfriend who works long hours.

This was easy peasy.  Now time to put them in the oven Aerial will be here soon.  Her cell phone totally cracked so I have to find an extra phone for her.  Luckily for her I have a few available that she can just swap out her sim card.  Love that.

Cool Whip Frosting

They came out great!  I don't bake cupcakes but a few times a year so I was pleased with these.  The house smelled so good!    Aerial just popped in the front door about now so we had some girl time in the living room with the dogs while the cupcakes cooled.  Tory was snuggled on the couch, a place she is not allowed.  But I just pretend I don't see her.

Chance what a cutie.  He loves his girlfriend and wonders why I don't see her laying on the couch.  When we moved out here last year we finally trained the dogs not to be on the couch.  Chance sheds so bad and since we picked up this lovely sectional from my father in law we decided to finally train them. I digress. :-)

This was going to work out perfectly, Aerial got to work adding the Cool Whip Frosting, she said it came out really smooth.

She is just a little skinny thing too :-) She frosted all the cupcakes and said she would have one with a cup of coffee and chat with mom a bit.

They totally turned out awesome even with our homemade frosting applicator!
I sent Aerial home with a box filled and my son decided to take some to work with him as well.  It is nice to reward my kids with some semi-homemade goodness for being such successful young adults!

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