BassBuds Earphone review #BassBuds

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I was out in the garden this morning thinking about getting my review wrapped up when this beautiful sunflower caught my eye. I was lucky enough to get a chance to review BassBuds these beautiful stylish fancy shmansy headphones.  They were delivered in a very stylish case which peaked my curiosity immediately.

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Lets talk about what makes these stand out. I have my earphones on always when I am outside without the dogs. If I am mowing the lawn, I have to have a good pair in my ears. This is so important to me. The mower is loud and I want to enjoy my ride while listening to music. Not scratchy tunes in my ears. blah

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They come with two different size ear pieces and two more inside the box for replacements.  I had two different sized clear ones and have already lost them.  So having replacements are totally awesome.

What I love about these headphones are that they have a microphone attached. I can use my phone while listening to music.. So I am in the garden listening to music and can stop the music and pick up the call by a few presses on the BassBuds Controller. I can also push the BB Controller twice quickly and skip to the next song. Genius. Muting is available as well as going back to the previous track.
How is the sound quality? Best earphones I have used. I have always been one of those folks that has had the best techy toys first. I am honest to say since moving on the farm I have fallen behind. No IPad in this house yet.

Some of the Features 
  • Genuine Swarovski Elements, which is a fancy loose cut crystal which gives you some beautiful bling in your ears. 
  • Anti Tangle, durable, double wrapped cable- I love this, my ear phones are always wrapped up and knotted. 
  • Gold Plated audio jack for optimum sound quality.

 I received a pair of BassBuds to facilitate my review from all thoughts are totally my own.
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