Tomatillo Sauce, Pico & Shrimp Fajitas


Decided on making some shrimp fajitas last night with a few different sauces. I went out and picked some Tomatillo's for a light spicy sauce.  My husband and I try to eat healthy while being on a fitness regimen.  I myself go off and on while my husband is pretty consistent.   We moved on the farm to live a healthy lifestyle and grow our own food, raise our own meat.  Well we are getting there!

First I shucked the shell. This was going to be just a small batch for hubby and I tonight. I added a few different peppers along with garlic, lemon and sea salt, chopped it all up finely.

Hmm this is smelling so fresh, I am looking forward to eating from my bounty I have grown.
Put it through the processor.

Then I made a quick batch of Pico.  So darn fresh tasting!!

I then sauteed the shrimp and vegetable's for the fajitas .

Hubby was already in my office on the love seat exhausted from a rough day of work.  He is a Residential maintenance Guy who runs 12 properties throughout the Twin Cities area.  Lots of driving.  He has a company Work Van which is cool so gas is not a problem, I cannot imagine paying for gas.  He just was dealing with a lot of Air calls.  I said go relax and watch the ball game..

Top it off with the Pico and Tomatillo Sauce..  This small amount made a perfect batch for my husband and I.  It was a great relaxing evening.  My kitchen on the other hand is a nightmare :-)

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