Extreme Weather and our Pets #Pets

It is going to get up to 100 today, yesterday was pretty bad, I basically hosed the bunnies down all day and had a fan going.  They have been digging little tunnels but nothing so fancy yet that they can go under ground.  Our last home the bunnies had a tunnel going a good five feet down and over, they went down there when it got hot.

Here is Sebastian coming out of hiding, Buddy already seems uncomfortable this morning.  

I went down into the basement and just made a large area all enclosed with hay.  The goal is to bring them downstairs until the heat breaks.  I would be so upset if they had heat stroke and I did not bring them in.  There are only two of them and the basement is not finished so I am not hurting the floor or anything, plus they are potty trained.  Well wish me luck, I will update this when I get them inside.  If you drove by my house I wonder if you would think they have 15 chickens and two rabbits hidden in the basement.  I have become the scary farm lady LOL.

The Bunnies are in!  Let me tell you they hate change!  They are thumping their feet hard at me but they are safe in a quick makeshift home.  They should calm down in a few hours.  I had to put fencing on top because my crazy bunnies would figure out away to jump over and out.  But I feel so much better now.  I can go out and clean the hutches without tripping over them LOL.

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