Enjoying Summer with the Kids #GrabSummerFun #CBias

Our summer fun has been coming in form of hard work.  Work Hard and Play Hard, the kids are all working full time and in college so the time spent with them can be all over the board.
 Dave and I had planned a big 4th of July celebration but the heat had hit close to 100 and the humidity even worse.  I was worried about the bunnies and feeling a bit ragged.  Everyone had different times they would be popping over so I decided on simple and easy.  Were else would I head but to my Walmart Store.

My husband and kids love Nestle Drumsticks, I picked up four boxes because I know they will be gone fast, they are the perfect excuse to sit back and relax.  Next on the list was quick and easy Tombstone Pizza.

Lots of variety to choose from, filled up the cart for our weekend of working hard and eating on the go.  You can check out my whole shopping experience at Google +

The freezer had this big bag of ice taking up a lot of space but I tossed the goods in for the ease of a summer    food celebration with family.  

The kids love all the fixins on their pizza..  This was going to be so yummy.

I went outside and visited with Aerial, we made some Bloody Mary's and relaxed for a bit.

Dad is working hard in the background!  

The first pizza came out nice and bubbly, I brought my hubby out a few pieces and Aerial decided to grab a bite inside.  We were being really simple today with the heat and so much to accomplish.

My son Brandon goofin it up in the shade, I am pretty sure he ate one whole box!

We were enjoying each others company before he went over and helped dad with the coop.  It was turning into a productive day with good eats!

Dad was tired guess where he ended up eating his Tombstone Pizza and Drumsticks?

Laying on the couch with a full belly and his favorite treat!

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