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I head out every morning for my garden chores, one of those are feeding the birds, we built a little bird sanctuary and enjoy sitting out here in the evening listening to them sing.  I fill egg shells after I have washed and dried them with peanut butter and crackers.  They love these.  The Blue Birds especially.  

I have food sitting out on the side entrance for the barn cats.  There are a few that come around at night besides our barn cat Barney.  The Blue Birds love the cat food, weird..  So I just keep filling it up, I hope they want the good stuff I give them above.

There are plenty of eating stations for all different birds, I get a lot of wood peckers which I love watching fly past me.

There are a few little yellow guys coming out after I filled their feeders.

These Lillie's are on one side of the sanctuary, the birds can find some cover here, the bees love them. This garden was here when we moved in, I almost moved it but thought it was good natural coverage for the birds. For never watering it, it looks good.

The back garden needs some weeding, I remember why I like raised beds. But I am excited to see how they do.

The Kale is growing nice, can't wait to make some Kale Chips.

I spy the egg plant!  Love using Egg Plant instead of meat in a lot of pasta dishes.

Looking forward to pickling.  The beans are coming along beautifully!

I picked some dill from the herb garden, will be pickling zucchini this afternoon.  The herbs are amazing, growing cumin this year, first time growing that herb.

This garden is around the horseshoe as your coming or going, I think I am going to pull a few of these up and place in the front garden by the house, they will look pretty blooming under the bedroom window.

I love putting vegetable plants in pots in unexpected places, how will this look filled with pumpkins scattered on the ground this fall? It looks really healthy, crossing my fingers for a few pumpkins!

Picked some lettuce from the garden and am ready to eat some lunch and take a little nap.  It is suppose to be another hot day today, I mowed yesterday for my husband for 2 1/2 hours.  I jammed with my music cranking when it was 100 degrees out, think I lost a few pounds. :-)
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