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It is going to be another hot day here today, this weekend hubby worked on building the Chicken Coop and attaching chicken wire to the garden beds.  We got a ton of wood free and let me tell you I was doing cart wheels I was so happy.  I am so thrilled!

Hubby picked this up at a yard sale for the Coop, how cute is this skinny door?  Look at the door knob, so cute.

Watering now, everything is growing so great!

Cally is so mad I won't let her play outside today, the barn cat that only comes around at night decided to eat and drink and find some cool shelter so she has to stay in.

Cucumbers are ready to start climbing up the structure dave added to the raised beds.  Cannot wait to make my pickles this year!

The turnips look like I may have left the seed packet out and they found spots all over the garden, they are everywhere, this little guy is in the herb garden.  

I added a couple tomato plants to the front garden planter, they are growing really well.

I planted these by seed, so pretty!  

I better head out and switch the sprinkler back to the pumpkin patch and hose down the bunnies, have an awesome day!  
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  1. I love that door. Those flowers are gorgeous.

  2. If I found a turnip in my yard, I wouldn't even know what it was!

  3. The kitty looking out is so cute.


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