Started Building the Coop #ChickenCoop

Well we are a bit behind getting the coop built and I am in overdrive trying to find wood to re-purpose for the project.  The wood in the barn will be for misc fencing.  The goal was to not buy any wood, so far so good.  We decided to put the coop under a large tree and in between the deck we just built and the garden.  

The chickens are getting big, I had to add fencing over the brooder because they are flying out.  I am so excited for them to get out and start scratching in the yard.

This spot will be perfect, there will be some shade and sun.  I am going to build a little porch in the front of the coop where the grass is pretty much gone.  Hubby dug holes down about a foot and used cement to secure the footings.

Going to have a pretty hot day today so I thought I would head out early and do some work in the yard, this fence needs to be painted bad.  Hubby would be so surprised to pull in tonight and see it painted.  Have to go water the beds, I am not use to having to drag a heavy hose around the yard, sort of a pain but there is no time to dig a water way from the house out to the garden like my last house.

How is your week going on this hump day?
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