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We moved out to the farm last September and me being the crazy city girl turned country girl has had project after project for my husband to do.  We just received 15 chicks last week so the chicken coop has been top priority.  Well I have been asking for a special spot for hubby and I where we can chill.  I wanted it far enough away from the house and close enough to observe the garden, chickens and all the hard work we have done.  In the evening horses stroll by so I like to have the dogs away from the front of the house.

We decided to head out to Sears over the weekend but being the excited little shopper I am I had to browse online to decide what I wanted.  I headed over to the Sears Style Hub and boy oh boy I could not pull myself away!  I knew I wanted a few chairs that I could pick up and move if needed.

The Sears Online Catalog was super easy to navigate, I poured a glass of wine and browsed making decisions on what I wanted.

We have a Sears Hometown Store really close so I thought I would look and see if they had the set I was thinking about.  You can find Sears Local ad online easily.

We headed off to Sears and had a great time, the Customer service was extremely over the top since we were getting there only an hour before close.  Check out the whole shop over at my Google+ Profile.

We checked out the Simply Outdoors area and we had to sit and test the chairs out of course.  We new we were also looking for a smoker, part of the area we are creating for our date night involves what else cooking.   We spent an hour browsing and checked out right around closing, our salesman was truly a great help choosing our items.  

The area in the yard we were going to create the deck was under a tree.  Once the chicken coop is built we will be able to watch and enjoy the chickens and garden in this spot.   We built the deck in the am.

Dave had me on my little OLD knees drilling away, I was pretty proud of myself!

Everything was coming along wonderful for an evening together.

 We finished around three, it looks amazing with everything that we purchased from Sears. The Garden Oasis Retro Chairs and the table. We also picked up a chandelier, two citronella candles, a smoker, a fire-pit and a lantern, I hung it next to the Hummingbird feeder.

It was time to head in and clean up for date night, Dave put ribs in the smoker and lit the fireplace.

The smoker was something I had to get instead of a say a four piece patio set.  Our time spent together always includes cooking, it's how we roll and something we are both passionate about.

We decided to pour a couple beers and do a little noshing.   

The Lantern looked amazing!

We had a pretty rough go of it the last few months with a few deaths and a dog that was given a diagnoses of a few months to live to having surgery and being back to herself.  We really enjoy spending time together after umm, 28 years.. We picked up the chandelier which will look so beautiful with the tea lights when dusk arrives, very romantic.

Hubby was looking forward to looking at pictures from fathers day and relaxing, food was smelling so good!  We said cheers for a great afternoon of hard work, did I say it was 90 degrees?  I still enjoy a fire in heat, I am that kind of girl.

The Ribs were just about done..  The smoker was awesome.

We sat back and relaxed while the ribs cooked a bit longer and enjoyed the evening in our new patio set and accessories from Sears.

Thank you Sears, we are so thrilled for a functional area for time to unwind, cook and spend time together!
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