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2012 first trip to the Farmers Market located at 312 East Lyndale Avenue Minneapolis, MN 55405

 One of my favorite things to do on an early Saturday or Sunday morning is head down to Minneapolis Farmers market and visit with the local vendors. Our first stop is for beef sticks, I get the hot sticks that are grilled and they are incredible. We have been a regular here for some time. Every Saturday at 10:30am they have cooking demonstrations that you can sit down and have a big old loaded brat and learn something new.

Onto the pickles, I get inspiration checking out all the different flavors, I picked up a pound of horseradish and chilpotle pepper pickles. Now so far this has been a good breakfast at 7:00AM :-)

Lots of samples too!

  Hmm.. I was on a mission to find a bunch of different mints that I left at the old house, apple mint and chocolate mint to name a few. Seriously the chocolate mint smells and tastes like chocolate!

 I picked up four for $8.00, great price.

  This is inspiring, wish I could create something so pretty for the yard. Do you go to your cities farmers market? My goal is to set up a stand with different types of goat cheese, pickles and veggies next year at our local market in town!
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