Morning on the Farm #Gardening

Brought the dogs out this morning and went out and fed the bunnies, thought I would snap some photos :-)

The bunnies shared some large dandelion leaves I have growing under the apple tree, went out and pulled a few apples off the tree, love them small and incredibly sour.  If you have any apple recipes you would like to guest post or share please let me know!

I have always wanted an apple tree now I have two!

The dogs found a spot to lay in the sun, the tree behind Tory I am digging up today and putting in a pot.  

Tory is getting tuckered out.  My barn has so much work to be done to it!  

The garden is looking so beautiful, everything is coming up wonderfully!

I planted a lot of lettuce too

Nothing better then going out to the garden and picking lettuce for a salad.

April DecheineAbout April Decheine

April ran away from Suburbia to live life more sustainably with her husband. The kids are all grown but return quite often. She is a little city mixed in with Martha Stewart like smarts. She is an ex IT downsized Corporate gal. Follow her as she learns all the Green Acres chores on her 40 acre farm while introducing her readers to products she believes in.


  1. Love the bunnies! I am house hunting now and your pics make me want to go country!

  2. what type of rabbits do you have? I have a dream of raising Angoras for wool purposes. Your garden looks fabulous!

  3. OMG, the bunnies are so cute. I miss having them.


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