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 The last few weeks have been very draining for me. Besides family emergencies my dog was diagnosed with a tumor and given only a few months to live, fast forward after a surgery with another vet she is back to her old self!

 I get very fatigued during the middle of my day, I was lucky enough to try International Delight Iced Coffee a few months ago and I was in heaven! My kids were in heaven too! The amount of money that you can spend on iced coffee at your local coffee house is absolutely crazy! I like to put myself on a budget for things like this.    I have even asked them not to put the ice in because I am going to drink it later, hoping to get more iced coffee for my buck, my bad :-)

 Sometimes I just want to go lay in the back and grab my favorite book or recipe book and simply chill. More about that later.

I headed off to Sam's Club hopefully to pick up the Mocha flavored Iced coffee that Sam's Club was now offering, my hubby went a few times and could not find it.

I was looking at all of the wonderful products for creating our outdoor living space!

Yay I finally found it after circling the refrigerator section five times. I was excited to pick up a couple boxes
and get them home.

I picked Tory up from the vet and she literally barked all the way home, yup she is back to her normal self! I need a break already. I worked on some work while Tory continued to walk around the house bumping into things and decided it was time to pour myself some goodness. I forgot to mention, I received a goodies bag while testing out the New Iced Coffee.

I decided to head outside to that lawn chair that is simply calling my name!

I poured myself a drink.

I see my dog thinks she is going to be taking over my spot.

Oh it is perfect outside I am just going to chill for a bit and enjoy my Iced Coffee! Later in the evening after working in the yard I decided to treat myself to another glass while watching the birds outside.

If you have not tried the new Mocha Flavor I am telling you that you will love it!

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