DIY Brooder & Chicks Coming #chickens

We tilled last night and let me tell you I was so nervous. We rented a rear tine tiller from our local farm equipment shop in town. It was a really tough job for my husband, we could of used a big ol machine to do this and would of been done with little fatigue but at $250.00 to rent for half a day we decided to do it the hard way. Since we are new to farming we have zero stuff. We are thrilled to have a tractor with a trailer for hauling! Hubby then started tilling where the pumpkins would be growing and this posed a bit of a problem being that it was on a bit of a slope. He would not let me put mosquito spray on him and it was hot with zero wind blowing. 
We are a bit behind planting because my poor dog had to have surgery. That is going to be another post so I can vent a bit about the stupid vet that we brought her to the first time. After he finished and let me tell you he was exhausted I reminded him to help me build a brooder for the chicks that will be here today or tomorrow.  I said the words he hates to hear, "You Promised"

I went and found some wood as instructed, I wanted to whip out my new saw but hubby was in a rush. (He was eyeing my office, the love seat, the remote and mommy making him some dinner) :-) This wood was FREE, we found a large deck that was taken apart and we went and picked it up, PRICELESS.

We decided to do a 4x4 brooder and afterwards I may use as a raised bed in the front yard for herbs or a cutting garden.

This literally took us 10 minutes at this point.

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