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Dallas on TNT

Growing up in the 80's had me watching Dallas every Friday night with my family and or friends.  I think it was Friday nights..?  Well anyways.  Loved the show and the cast of characters.  When I heard Dallas was coming back I was so excited and only hoped it could be as great as it is so far.  If your a youngen let me tell you a bit about dallas.

J.R., Bobby and Sue Ellen are the main characters from the original show.  These three use to scheme againts each other and now they bring their kids into the fold who are everybit as schemy and trecherous.  The boys are hot and the girls are beautiful.  John Ross is the son of J.R and Sue Ellen, I already know I want him to fail and the cutie Christopher who is actor jesse Metcalf, he is the one I already like and he is the adopted son to Bobby.

I love being home working online and spending my day in the garden but at night usually around 7:00ish I am wore out.  Time for my wine and to watch some television and zone out a bit.  No thinking about building, chickens, goats or pigs LOL.  Last nights episode had me wanting to conitue watching it.  Do you ever watch a show and when it ends want MORE?  

Have you watched Dallas yet? Do you have any nighttime television addictions?
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