Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds Review #rareseeds

Contains over 25 types of vegetables and 60 varieties! Get 60 full-sized packets--This is selected for cooler climates.  $99.00 this is an unbelievable price!
We moved out to the farm last September with that said my garden that year was basically lame.  I mean I am a huge gardener and adore planning and learning.  I only recently started using heirlooms instead of a genetically modified seed.  Once I learned about what an heirloom seed is I was hooked on learning where the seeds originated from and how they grew. Heirlooms trace their ancestry back many years to a time when pesticides and herbicides were not in use. As Jere Gettle, the owner of Baker Creek Heirloom Seed Co. puts it, “Basically, an Heirloom seed is one that has been passed down through families and is usually considered to be over 50 years old. Some varieties even date back to Thomas Jefferson’s garden and beyond.” 

It broke my heart not having a large garden last year and this year I was back at it starting them around February here in MN. How exciting to have a say Tomato plant that was vigorous and so tasty, save the seed use it year after year then hand it down to your kids and so on.

Melons, Beans, celery.

Raised beds built from free wood from Craigslist.

I love reading all my magazines and catalogs trying to envision what different seeds I want to start this year. I have a few grow lights and heat pads set up for the more difficult seeds to get started. February is a great time to start seeds here in the Midwest. I have started a few different heirlooms seeds that just never 'took' in the garden leading back to a retail seed that grew fine but I could not save the seed for next year nor hand it down to my kids. They all love  gardening as well.

 When I opened the bucket I looked inside and was totally giddy!! I lay them out and get down and dirty.


I have raised beds and a few plots that my husband tilled, this is the first year I am not adding additional black dirt to the soil. This farm has been here for so long that the ground is already very fertile.

I am excited to see some of these seeds. I have to grow carrots and am thrilled to get a couple different 

Varieties for my family and bunnies. Everything came up beautifully. I did about three trays to start with.

So many to choose from!   The packets themselves will serve you in saving your seeds to use next year as well. 

I have some old time favorites that my mom and I grew.  The Minnesota Midget melon, Black Beauty Zucchini, along with some new varieties I am excited about. Egg Plant Turkish orange, Amana Orange Tomato and 
Black Mauri Tomato


 Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds has Vegatables, flowers, herbs, seed collections, magazines, books and more. My garden is growing so fast for starting late. 

The Zucchini is going to be great on the grill!

If you have never grown Heirlooms I am telling you to try it, you can start sharing with your neighbors and family!  Check out Black Creek Heirloom Seeds  You can Also Request a Catalog  and see what is happening on their Facebook Page. Catch up with them through their tweets.

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