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This is Tory, today she heads into the local vet hospital today to get her stitches removed. The month of May was a pretty crazy month, a few deaths in the family is hard enough to handle and support those that need support and attention, let alone taking care of yourself. That emotional roller coaster I was finally off of when my dog I think it was around Mothers day, she started limping really bad, I thought at first she needed her nails done but then she was looking like she had Lime Disease again. Sunday Morning she woke and was really bad, her lump that she had at the top of her leg looked like it doubled in size. We brought her in to the only Vet in the area that was open on Sunday. Now I would love to call this Vet out because the story is something I have never experienced. It Is NOT the Saint Francis vet Clinic and It is not North Branch so hmm....

My husband and daughter actually took her so my details are not so great. Basically after they probed her lump with needles and took an X Ray she was diagnosed with a tumor and only a few months to live. Some pain pills and a poof out the door. I was shocked of course and under stress, Monday morning my hubby goes to work and leaves me with a dog who cannot walk, eat or barely breath. She is licking the lump that is now a bloody mess and I cannot stop the damn bleeding. I am wrapping it over and over trying to get her not to lick it, there was blood everywhere. They did not stop the bleeding when hubby left after poking her. We left one evening for a few hours came home and the lump had split open and a huge mass hung from it. When we woke the mass was gone and all that was there was a huge hole in her leg, hubby told me not to look. I was freaked, we wrapped her as best we could then called the St Francis Vet Clinic in the AM and went in to see what they could do and get hopefully another opinion. St Francis was our original clinic that we went to but they were not open on Sunday.

Tory after her surgery, we added the cone once we took off the bandage the next day.
The first thing they did was take care of Tory, unlike the first Vet we went to. She made sure Tory got fluids in her and helped her with her pain. She went into surgery they removed all the junk that was in her leg, stitched her up gave her new meds and took excellent care of her. It has been two weeks since the stitches so tonight we take her back and they remove the stitches and hopefully the cone. She is 100% better and feeling like her old self! We are going to get her exercising and pay a little more attention to what is going into her body, always remember get a second opinion if you are not happy with paying for a service that you feel is misdiagnosed. I wanted to write a little about this so I can put it behind me and start focusing on growing!
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