My Quest to make Dandelion Wine #Sustainability

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We moved on the farm to live a sustainable lifestyle, to grow our own food as well as raise livestock.  Do I have any background in this?  Not at all.  I found out when we lived in our home in a residential neighborhood indeed  I had a green thumb.  I was known as the plant lady, seriously folks would stop while I gardened to say simply that they love my gardens.

That little plot was not enough, kids grown we took the leap to move on a farm.  If my husband did not have such a great job I would of moved us up north a bit farther but his company takes good care of him.  I am a wine drinker, love me some wine!  Out in the country I found many folks making their own wine and I was so excited.  My first thought was to make apple wine.  I have two different apple tree's so this was a given for me.  I also started growing a few different cherries I could use too.  

My sons girlfriend was over the other evening and was telling me about her mom and the wine they make, good wine.  Then she said Dandelion Wine.  I was like WHAT!!!!!  I love Dandelions. I know you consider it a weed.. Dandelions are actually one of the most nutritious plants you can eat. The whole plant is edible. I have been using them in salads for years as well as making tea, never have I thought about making wine! Dandelions are high in antioxidants, and because they are a diuretic, they help cleanse your body of toxins.

 Today I am researching if I pick the dandelion and am not ready to make the wine can I freeze the petals? Hmm, I thought I read somewhere I could do that. The back 40 of the house will be dedicated this year to harvesting the dandelions. The front of the house I will pull up the dandelions with my trusty weed thingy. Hubby wants a green front yard, he is really proud of his work. I had millions yesterday to pick and did not, hubby cut the grass last night and I kept thinking, darn I should of got those dandelions. This weekend I am going to go check out wine making equipment, so excited!! Hey it is Mothers Day this weekend, I should start hinting, yes?

 So much to learn to live a sustainable lifestyle. Here is a hilarious video which is not technical at all which I appreciate.


 Do you make your own wine or brew your own beer?
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