Barn Cats Found a Home #Pets

Over the weekend we found a new home for our four baby kitties that our Barn Cat "Barney" delivered about six weeks ago. This is Barney when we had her outside with the babies a few weeks ago.

We fell in love with these little guys but are not ready to have a bunch of Barn cats to take care of, I mean bring in for shots and to have them spade or neutered. "Barney" will be. I am looking into prices today.. She is a bit confused. She kept bringing me mice! We understood she was bringing us Mice to the door because she was going to teach her babies what life on the farm is all about.. Our schedule has been Barney out in the AM, comes back to the front door a few hours later, heads down into the basement feeds babies heads back out when babies sleep. We let her go in and out all day until dark. Last night I let her sleep downstairs so she could understand the babies are gone. She is outside this morning once again bringing Mice to the front door. She heads out to the barn or the woods and bam comes back with a mouse EEK...

These little guys were so quick every time I tried snapping a picture. She had to grey and two black and grey. The big burly barn cat that comes buy at night must be the dad, he is big and black.

She literally just showed up at the door with a large rodent in her mouth! Looks like a chipmunk.. It will be a challenging day I am thinking. Have a great day Peeps!! Print Friendly and PDF
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