Weekend Re-Purposed Projects Part 2

We built the farm table a few weeks ago during a weekend project that started with looking for barn wood to create a work space in the kitchen. This is basically a small eat in kitchen that just did not work for me, I had my husband build a farm table that was placed in the living area.. It looks stunning I have to say.. We had a friend over that wants my husband to build him one for a pretty penny.. I am excited about that! Anyways the goal was to make the area of the kitchen into a pantry area.

The wooden boxes will get chalkboard paint on the front of them to organize better.  The barrel in the corner was cleaned up and then spray painted a grey color.  It is a really old piece that brings a lot of character into the room.   We took the ceiling fan down and added an industrial pendant light that we had in our garage.  Looks awesome.

My husband built the pot rack with a nice piece of barn wood..  I found the old  large hook that is hanging in the barn too, this really looks rustic.. I have not decided what I am hanging on it yet but you get the idea.  
I found the shelf under a pile of wood too..  I am using  this for canning and pantry items.  

The second wall across from the pot rack is made from an old ladder, the chains and horse shoes are from the barn too! We added a piece of barn wood on the bottom to work as a shelf. The goal is to build another shelf and then another unit for canning jars. I love working with ladders for decorating..

I found this in the barn and was so happy!! I have been wanting one of the large spools to make into an outside bar, this was in bad shape.  I sanded it and added some white paint, my husband cut the feet off of a thick piece of wood and I painted them a dark grey paint I picked up at Walmart that was a mismatch.

Up Next is a movable utility cart :-)

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