Farm Table Project

Our Farm Table! Dave and I built this over the weekend and I have to say I am still giddy! We ventured out into the half torn down barn that use to be a diary area for the cows. I said we should be able to find a barn door in the rubble and sure enough we did! We took the door apart and had the perfect amount of wood for the table.

This is a pile we decided to start with I also found three beautiful trees in the back that would be for my
fireplace wood..

We painted the first board and brought it in the house. We cut it at the 6 foot length.


It was time to find the legs and we wanted something with major character and richness, we found it! This was going to look perfect. We measured and decided to cut these off at 30 inches.

We cut pieces for the leg frames and then began positioning where we wanted the legs.

It was now time to paint the legs. I chose your basic white paint from Valspar.

The pets were enjoying time spent outside!

My husband began cutting the angled bracket for the leg frames.

All legs and frame were on so we were ready to apply the top glaze coat.

It looks so beautiful in the house!
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