Part One Raised Garden Bed #Repurposed Wood

Day One Building raised garden beds with Repurposed Wood

My husband and I are in our zone. It was 70 something and sunny yesterday, I spent the late afternoon starting  and transplanting seeds. I have half under grow lights and half are outside during the day in a make shift green house. Right now they are sitting on our farm table that my husband built a few weeks ago.

So it was time to get started on the raised beds. I once again was adamnet that all material will be from the farm. We have two barns one is a non working barn that once upon a time was a dairy barn. We built the table above with it's barn door.

 We headed into the barn and started rummaging through all the different wood, we found a bunch of pieces and I asked my husband to not 'think' so hard about the dynamics. Lets take what we have at each point and build a bed. What a concept huh? We used big pieces of wood for the end pieces. This worked awesome, my husband cut them down to about two feet each.

We went and picked out wood to work with and decided how deep we wanted the beds. We decided since we would be having probably about twenty beds to make them only one level high.

Look at that piece with the red stripes, looks like something I am going to use in the yard or house, I saw the word Nantucket on it immediatley. :-)

This piece I thought was the perfect height, we had a bunch of these pieces so I said let's go with this height and then when we have shorter heights we can build up. The middle of the garden will have a tall two tiered bed then we will be building T-Pees all around the garden for the Beans and Cucumbers.

Ooh I was getting giddy, looks perfect..

I laid the plastic down which was doubled. I have used this before and it worked great.

We then laid straw, mulch and dried leaves.

The black dirt is the best I have ever ever ordered. I had this delivered last year when we moved in. We will be ordering a large dump truck from him again this week.

So simple huh? Tonight if I get home in time I will be doing a video of me building the bed. It was so easy! The feeling I get from repurposing is like no other.  How about you?  Any outdoor projects your working on?

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  1. I want to do this, thanks for the ideas.

  2. Seriously impressive!! Can't wait to see what grows here!!

  3. I wish I had a garden, but our HOA only allows potted gardens on our decks.

  4. Wow! I am impressed!! I wish I could even grow a garden in a planter box. lol

  5. Your raised beds look so good--I love the logs in the corners! I tried starting seeds under grow lights for the first time this year and unfortunately, all the summer plants (tomatoes, peppers, & eggplant) ended up dying. I don't know what I did wrong!

  6. Very cool! We are in a new community and you should see all the wood thse guys throw away. we took some for our attic and the neighbor took some to build a work bench. keep up the good work!

  7. I loved seeing how you did that. Very inspiring and gives me a great idea for planting thanks

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