Great Day To Be A Dog #iLoveMyK9

Del Monte - Great Day To Be A Dog #iLoveMyK9

   This is Tory and Chance. Chance the pup with the blue eyes is a dog we rescued. Since rescuing him in 2007 we have given him so much love and encouragement but to this day he is still afraid of loud noises. Now that we are on the farm he literally gets to run and play all day long.  Everyday for these two little sweeties is a Great Day To Be A Dog day.  They are quite spoiled..  Look at Tory and her grey hair around her face.  Little thing worries so much.

Since moving on the farm we have acquired quite a few animals, most recently a barn cat who had four little babies that I have been taking care of down in the basement.
This is our barn cat Barney and her babies that I am looking for homes for.

I love taking care of strays and pets in need. I love visiting our Humane Society and volunteering for such a great cause.  Not all dogs are so lucky. We planned on visiting Walmart so I could pick up a bunch of dog treats and some toys to build a basket for our local shelter and my Great Day To Be A Dog Project.

We are also planning on getting involved in the Walk For Animals to support this shelter.
We love the Milk-Bone® Brand of treats and figure the pups at the shelter would too, we decided to go with buying treats versus a bunch of toys or shampoos etc. I think nutritious snacks are beneficial in a shelter!

We found some new varieties too. Made with Sweet Potatoes!  Trail Mix, is new all natural with added nutrients.  This looks really good, something that could be used while your training because the pieces are nice and small.  You can see my whole shopping experience here.

The Puperoni is another favorite so we had to pick up some of them too. Braised Beef and Sweet Potato Mix Stix.  The price is so awesome!   $2.98 is a stock up price :-)

While we were shopping we got a call that my daughters roommates little puppy just broke it's leg.  The girls felt so bad so we decided to pick him up some treats to along with a new little bed.

Look at this little cutie, Aerial was so upset for this little girl..

We are so blessed to have been given our dog Chance. The love this little guy hands out on a daily basis is crazy. here is a favorite video of him when we lived in our last home.


He loves playing in the snow.

Look at all the yummy snacks I got for the puppy's that are in need of some goodness, we will be dropping off the treats to the Humane Society in Coon Rapids today or tomorrow.  My husband is going to take a half a day so we can go visit together. He knows I get really choked up and wants to support me. Tell me, do you get involved with any of your local shelters?

Here are some links so you can check out the various ways you can interact with these great products.

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  1. Awww. I miss having a dog. Love doggy posts!

  2. Cute dogs. My dog loves any kind of snack, unless it has hot sauce.

  3. Ah, those are some lucky pups!

  4. What beautiful dogs you have!

  5. Those blue eyes are very striking! What cute animals you have. :)

  6. I can't bring myself to go to the animal shelter. I end up in tears every time. We did dog rescue, rehab and replacement before the kids were born so kudos to you for rescuing a dog!


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