Fruit Salsa During Movie Night #iLovemyK9

Movie night is an important time for my hubby and I to reconnect in the evening after spending some time outside with our dogs and cats. The kids come and go which I love! My son and his girlfriend popped over to look at a piece of  land for boarding a few horses. We asked them if they wanted to stay for the movie but they had to get on the road. I was actually sort of glad that they are busy because after doing a lot of chores I just wanted to lay on the couch (if there was room) and relax. Movie night is usually easy finger food that is healthy so we don't tucker out before the movie is over!

Tonight we would be reviewing "We Bought a Zoo" so I headed to Walmart to pick up the movie along with some treats for the dogs and some fruit for our fruit salsa. I heard there was a display for the the release of "We Bought A Zoo"  but I could not find it. 

Right now when you purchase 2 participating Del Monte Pet products, you will receive a coupon for $4.00 off the movie, “We Bought a Zoo”. Grr I could not find the coupon on any of the Del Monte Pet Products. Oh well, I saved my receipt. Women’s World and Parade magazines have the featured Del Monte pet products so be sure to check them out. Del Monte Fruit Cups with a $0.50-off coupon are being featured in First for Women magazine.  You can see my whole shopping experience over at my Google+ Page.

I found the movie among the new releases, yea I was excited!


Dad came home (The video above is just a quick idea of what they do every time someone comes home) and we decided to go outside and play with the dogs it was a beautiful evening outside but as the sun started going down I got a bit cold so we decided to give them treats and head in and fix a healthy snack for the movie.

We headed in and Tory our little princess took her spot on the comfortor by the TV.

I always make my own fresh Tortilla Chips.

I cut up Whole Wheat Tortillas and baked them while I prepared the Fruit Salsa.

I chopped up some key ingredients along with the Del Monte No Sugar added Manderine Oranges.
Along with a couple cans of tomatoes and green chilies.

The Del Monte Mandarin Oranges are the best with No Sugar added!

Fruit Salsa
  • 2 Can Tomatoes and Green Chilies
  • Two 4 Ounce Plastic Cups Mandarin Oranges (No Sugar Added)
  • Half an Onion Chopped
  • One Jalapeno Chopped
  • One Can Pineapple Chopped
  • One Red Pepper Chopped
  • A squeeze of lime
Mix it all together and serve with homemade Wheat Tortilla Chips

My oldest stopped over after a day of work and grabbed a spot on the couch.

I was really looking forward to a great relaxed evening. Okay the movie is starting I need to find a spot!

My son, husband and I really enjoyed the movie, there are some swear words in it but as you can see my son is not a child.  The few swear words that where in it would truly not have bothered me regardless when the kids were younger, I was always one to discuss things like that.  It was a heart felt movie about getting over loss and trying to rebuild a family.

Benjamin Mee and the kids take on the big task of revamping an old zoo, could you even imagine?  Think of all the possible malfunctions that could occur!  The movie made my husband and I cry and laugh and got us discussing our trials and tribulations raising three children for the last 27 years along with our pets.  I think this is a great family movie that will really get you talking and discussing!

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