Weekend Green Re-purposed Projects

We started some projects over the weekend and should be finishing up in the next few days, I am so excited for all the planning and waking up in the middle of the night ideas that are really happening.  I woke up last night and said GALVANIZED PAINT, my husband rolled over and said okay.

This is an old ladder we found in the barn along with some wood.  We are building racks for the kitchen which I am turning into a "working kitchen".  The kitchen itself only has room for a small table so that area will be a pantry area and the large farm table will be built and put along the wall in the main living area.  With lighting above.  We cook and eat and entertain around the kitchen so this was really needed.

Oh yea I was getting busy! I started the sanding process and the wind was kicking up but I was determined to get it done so my husband could hang it.

We  measured the wall that I would be hanging this on and then I measured the ladder and cut it accordingly.

We found horseshoes and chains in the barn that I wanted to use to hang the ladder, I was adamant that everything would be re-purposed from the barn. I sanded them just enough.

We went into the kitchen to find the studs for the pot rack that would be hanging from a large sturdy piece of barn wood. My husband pulled out this gadget and then said add this to your tool box :-) I got all giddy!


Tonight we will get the ladder hung and work on the organizing of the kitchen. Do you do any re-purposing of material? Have any great yard sale finds you have turned into gold?
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