Healthy Morning Juicing

Healthy Morning Fresh Juice

2 Tomatoes = About 22 Calories with 13% Vitamin C and Vitamin A 10%
1 Orange = About 13 Calories with 30% Vitamin C and Vitamin A 33%
1 Apple = About 55 Calories with 8% Vitamin C and Vitamin A 1%
1 Carrot = About 1 Calorie with 0% Vitamin C and Vitamin A 5%
Half Jalapeno = About 4 Calories with 10% Vitamin C and Vitamin A 2%

95 Calories

I was over at CBias in the forum and we were discussing Juicing, I wanted to share with my readers what I juice every morning :-) Put them all into the Juicer, this is even better adding Spinach and Grapefruit! Do you juice and if you do what kind of interesting recipes do you have?  I use the Jack Lalane Power Juicer every morning!

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