Beef Stew Pressure Cooker Style #QVC

Beef Stew Pressure Cooker Style #QVC

Gordon Ramsey

I was lucky enough to watch David Venable on QVC and I purchased a pressure cooker from Gordan Ramsey, I have always wanted a pressure cooker but for some odd reason never have purchased one. I have rotisseries, juicers, steamers, choppers you name it I buy it. This post is a review/recipe post. The above picture is Step One Browning my beef stew meat

This is the Pressure Cooker, the handles will slide back once you place the top on it. This is a Low Pressure Stove Top Cooker. Low-pressure cooking is an ideal choice when making family dinners. This generous 6-quart cooker reduces cooking time over a conventional covered pot--water boils at a higher temperature under pressure, thus speeding up the cooking process. Plus, bathing food in steam seals in flavor and nutrients that are typically boiled out on the stovetop.

I added my veggies all chopped up after I had the meat cooking for about twenty minutes. Usually I cook Beef Stew meat all day for it to get tender!

I also added my Potatoes.

Here I added some Beef Stew Seasoning that was from a packet. I let this cook for about an hour and my gosh it was done and TENDER!!!!!
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