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How would you like to Compare current gas prices for major stations in your area!

•Track miles per gallon and cost per gallon
•Find nearby stations
•Save your favorites
•Get Value Alerts for great deals and offers
•Pay via your phone

Murphy USA operates more than 1,100 stores in 23 states across the USA. We are dedicated to Refueling the Power of You with low-cost, high-quality fuel; great values on drinks and snacks; and stellar customer service to get you in, out and on your way to your day (or night!).

Now Murphy USA has an app you can use on your smart phone! I love this. Looking for a cheap gas price is a given these days. If you drive a lot you can check out what the gas price is at your local MurphyUSA, this is going to help you find the cheapest gas when your driving anywhere. I was lucky enough to be a beta tester on this, you can pick up the app here or pick it up at the Android Market

I love Murphy USA because it is right across from my local Walmart where we do our shopping, we always then stop into Murphy USA and get snacks and water or pop.  Here are some screenshots that I took from the Murphy Site.  I am having major cell issues and can not download any apps, it has been a struggle the last few days to say the least.

The Murphy USA app is a bright red design, easy to navigate and choose your favorites by simply clicking on the star on the left hand corner.

You can sign up to Pay By Text, if your comfortable with apps and paying on your smart phone you will love this feature.

Track my mileage is my favorite feature. You will enter your current miles and then enter how much gas you put in the car and what you finally ended up paying  per gallon and the app will calculate your average. The application will now keep track of your usage.  Do I here a frugal gas shopper my friends?

You can also enroll to get coupons and specials delivered to you by text or to your email.  I love new apps and also love that when they make some changes your cell can pick up the update and bam your in business.  So what are you waiting for, go download the app and save some money on your gas!
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 I participated in paid testing of the Murphy USA app as a member of Smarter Driver Community. All opinions are my own.
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  1. I love your site makeover! It looks wonderful!!!

    I think I'd like the track your miles too, and paying from the phone is kinda interesting!

  2. I'm a die-hard MurphyUSA user. They have a station within 3 mi. of my house and they're the cheapest.

  3. I'm moving soon and will be closer to a MurphyUSA. I'm so excited.

  4. Since I moved, I;m not sure where one is around here....

  5. My husband is always tracking which gas station has the lowest price.


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