Pinterest Organize Sunday

Waiting for my husband to return home so we can begin the process of moving my office into the larger spare bedroom. I am really excited about this, it will also be my crafting and knitting room! We were looking at sewing machines yesterday too, I have to tell you a secret, I do NOT know how to sew, I can add a button if it is needed but I have never ever used a sewing machine. I decided 2012 was the year I get my creative juices flowing! Of course I am looking at a few that Martha Stewart is endorsing :-)

So while I wait for hubby I am looking at some cool organization tid bits on Pinterest..

Source: via April on Pinterest

I am already to do this!

How about this for organized..

This will be perfect for my yarn!

This can be added inside the closet too

Well I hear him at the door I better run along and look like I have been busy!

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