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Is it Spring Yet? #DialNutriSkin™

Here in Minnesota it is cold and wintery. (Wintery is my made up word I do that sometimes) Heck it is February and we have been lucky mind you but I am outside a few hours a day plus I am a stay at home mom that is constantly cleaning and washing which makes for dry hands. My husband does maintenance for a living and has hands that feel like sandpaper, I am totally serious about this. He just will not put lotion on his hands consistently. My daughter raids my beauty cabinets were I have all my stash. The boys come home and do the same. We are looking for some specifics when we are buying our lotion too.  Must be large quantities.  That is a given.

I want to see the words Will Not Clog Pores, Hypo-allergenic and Dermatologist Tested. I have noticed sensitive skin on my cheeks the last year or two.  I am attributing this to a change in my body from being in my middle 40's. Yup the big 46 this April..  More discussion on another post!  I look for added words like   Improves Elasticity, with that you usually find collagen which is an important ingredient I look for. Umm 25% more is always a good thing to eyeball.

I was very excited to get to attend a Demo that Dial™ was putting on at Walmart with their new Dial™ NutriSkin™ line. I strongly believe in Demo's and getting a chance to try and test the product! To me it is a no brainer. What better way to talk to the product expert then face to face.

We find the Demo cart and I started chatting with the demo lady. She was great, I told her what I was doing there and asked her if I could take some pictures and that I would be posting them on my blog etc. She was like sure... Then the funniest thing happened. The gal in the middle of the picture walked up to me and literally grabbed my arm and said "ARE YOU SOMEONE FAMOUS?" "Can I get a Picture with you?" I said I am not famous, well in my own mind maybe LOL. No really, she said I have to get a picture with you, her daughter was mortified either because I was not someone famous or mother is crazy.  Must of been the sunglasses, my husband said I would not let him forget that for quite sometime, let's just say that lady stalked me until I left, I had a little giddy up in my step the rest of the day :-)

There is my hubby testing the Dial™ NutriSkin™ Body and Hand Lotion. He loved it immediately, it absorbed fast and was not greasy. The last lotion I bought him he said did not seem to dissolve. He drives from site to site all day so he needs a hand lotion that absorbs very fast.

It was a bit of a mess trying to find the lotions, they had only a few at the demo table so I did not want to grab any of those and the Dial™ For Men seemed to be sporadically positioned on the shelves.  Here is the Dial™ for Men mixed in with a ton of other stuff not priced. I can only guess that a reset is happening.  I have done resets in the past for Walmart :-) Weird. Now that I look at this I discovered we did not buy the Men's with the 25% more. Well shoot.

My husband chose his favorite and I chose mine. It was time to check out and get home a few hours before dinner. Which was already cooking in the crock pot.  You can see my whole shopping experience over at my Google+ Profile.

We totally rocked out with the $1.00 off coupon! What better way to try a new product then with a large coupon.

Back home I got cozy by the fireplace and was ready to apply my lotion to my hands and oh yes tootsies. Then to relax and do some reading, sounds like a great day right?   I chose The Replenishing lotion for Dry skin and my husband got the Ultra Hydrating..

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  1. Woohoo, gotta love coupons and NEW lotion.

  2. I'm dying at your shopping stalker...too funny!
    (Of course you're totally famous so it makes complete sense to me!)

  3. @Amy it was totally to funny but it made my day of course!

  4. That is hilarious! I want someone to demand to get a photo with me at Walmart! Love!

  5. I appreciated that $1 off coupon too. Famous lady! You're hiding something from us LOL!

  6. I love she decided you must be someone famous! I hope you gave her a card and told her to watch for her picture on your famous blog!!!

  7. I told her to check out the Dial Facebook page and then gave her my name. She put her name in my cell but I cannot find her on Facebook :-(

  8. Ugh my skin is so dry, I must try this!!

  9. I think you're famous! Love this! I can't believe she followed you around the store. I mean I believe it, but boy-howdy, that's some kind of funny!

  10. OK... that is hilarious!!! I love it... the lotion sounds awesome too!!! xoxo- Rachel @ bubblynaturecreations.com


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