Homemade Fire Starters

Homemade Fire Starters

We moved onto a 40 acre farm to truly live off the land.  I am not all farm girl by any means, I have never picked up a chicken but am getting ten of them late March, never milked a goat but heck yea am getting goats to learn to make goat cheese and feta cheese and what ever else.  Looking into Sheep or Alpaca to shear and spin my own yarn.  The thing about me is I have to continue to learn but I juggle all this!  Needless to say I am excited.  Oh and there will be a pig.  You know I asked my hubby if we could take a vacation and go to Goat School?  Seriously a lady in Maine who farms offers Goat School to teach you about raising goats and making cheese.  The cost was around $300 for the first person and $200.00 for the spouse.  Plus getting there and a hotel.  My husband laughed at me and said a big NO.

I finally got my Fireplace and have finally learned how to stack wood to build a fire but sometimes I cannot keep it going or get it started if the Wood is large.  Hubby has been buying me Fire starters and they work slick but it is not organic for me, it just seems so wrong to spend $10.00.  I stumbled a post of Homemade Fire starters.  This frickin works!

What You Need To Make

Homemade Fire Starters

Egg Cartons
Candle Wax

For the Candle Wax I use my wax that runs out of great scent and drain them into a Mason Jar, then I just heat the mason jar in water. Or heat the cubes and pour.

Fill each little cup with lint.

Use your warmed up Candle Melts and dump over the lint. I add a lot so I also heated up the Mason Jar that was filled with wax.  When they are completely dry tear them apart and use two per fire, that number worked for me.  Just light it and watch it burn, try to light the lint it will burn fast.

My stacked wood and beautiful fire, simple as pie!
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  1. That is too cool. I've only seen an actual wood burning fireplace in one home my entire life (says the Las Vegas girl)

  2. Very smart idea. i need to know some of those myself for next winter.

  3. What a brilliant idea! I make something similar, only I use pine cones and wrap the wick around them and drizzle wax over the top. I'll have to give the lint a try, we have plenty of that, lol. I've been meaning to write up my fire starters, I have the photos and everything. I need to do that before it's summer, lol.

  4. I miss having a fire place. Great idea!


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