Dieting in 2012

I am working  so hard with my hubby on our work out regimen.  It has been so up and down lately so my main concern is what I put on the table for him.. I went back to a post I wrote for Hubpages, Note To Self write more for Hub Pages! Here is a great example of some meals I prepared for our week and what sort of calories are in each piece I fork into my mouth. You can read the rest of this post at My HubPages

Monday Low Fat Meals


3 Egg Whites scrambled. Approx 51 calories

Half a grapefruit; peeled and cut in pieces. 52 calories

One Cup Skim Milk; 86 Calories

One Cup Oatmeal; 150 Calories

One Slice Wheat Toast Plain; 65 Calories

16 Ounces water in between Breakfast and Lunch


2 Slices Wheat Bread; 130 Calories

Horseradish Sauce on bread; 40 Calories (Sandwich Pal)

5 Slices Turkey Breast; 100 Calories

Alfalfa Sprouts; 5 Calories

Salad; Greens, throw in dark leafy vegetables. Use spinach, mustard spinach, romaine, broccoli, cucumbers, tomato's. Toss with a Vinaigrette fat free dressing. 100 Calories

16 Ounces of water


One Apple 95 Calories

Handful Almonds; 160 Calories

16 Ounces Water


5 Ounce Lobster Tail; 145 Calories Baked and steamed. (add a pat of butter 80 calories)

Steamed Broccoli; 70 Calories

One Sweet Potato Baked; 103 Calories

Mixed Baby Greens One Cup; 40 Calories

Balsamic Dressing No Fat; 25 Calories

16 Ounces Ice Water and Lemon

Approx 1450 Calories

This is very strict but do-able. Snack on Celery dipped in a hot sauce. Cucumbers are a great snack too.
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