Coupon and Organization Tips

Coupons and Kitchen Organization Tips

Since I am being Frugal for 2012 I am learning more about Coupons and buying products in bulk that will not spoil. First off learning to Coupon. OMG there are so many sites to learn from, here is a great video that I am watching this morning, her site has incredible resources for learning to coupon. I am also in the process of taking a closet and turning it into a Pantry. We are going to head out into the barn this weekend and re-purpose old barn wood for my shelves.

1. Organize with Mason Jars

I love finding old Mason Jars at yard sales. They also look nostalgic. We may take the cupboard doors off and really apply the mason Jar design.

2. Organize with Large Pickle Jars.

I will buy the very large quantities of pickles and Banana Peppers so I can turn around and utilize the jars.  On my to do list is chalk board paint on each lid, that will look totally cute.

3. Keep an eye out in the Fridge and Pantry

I have a list of what is in the fridge so I can utilize buying what I need when it goes on sale. Sounds weird but I tell you it is very easy. Your basically keeping inventory, when big sales hit I know what is in my fridge, especially what is in the Pantry. Keeping a running list of the pantry will allow you to Stockpile on items that go on sale while using any additional couponing techniques that you have learned.

Stockpiling also allows you to give back to the community. There is nothing better then being able to give to your children's school, a food shelf or a local charity.

4. Google your areas Dollar Day Sales or who has double coupon benefits. Dollar Day Events are huge for me, I can buy virtually many things for pennies!

5. No Your Stores Coupon Policies

I learned this tip from TLC Extreme Couponing. I have now officially become addicted to this show. I am working on a list that I have compiled from different websites to add to mine.

6. Do a good keen sweep of your room with your eyes. Get rid of the clutter! I do not like clutter and should be a poster mother for this. Re-Purpose your items!

I am almost in Spring Cleaning mode here in Minnesota!
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