Learning to Sew and Knit in 2012


I want a Brother's Sewing Machine

Check out the Brother's Computerized Free-Arm Sewing Machine! I am so excited to learn to sew this year! Do you sew? I took a sewing class in like the 7th grade and did not learn a thing rather I never went to class. Now at the age of 45 I want to learn to sew along with knit. Not clothing mind you but things for the home, cool things I have found on Pinterest. Also items for the garden.

I joined a knitting community that has a ton of resources as well. But knitting is just the start. I am going to grow my own wool or angora to spin it. I am now researching spinning techniques. The thing about me is if I learn something I want to know everything. So I buy the wool and I looked at my husband and said well were going to have sheep so why wouldn't I shear my sheep? Brush the Angora Rabbit and spin that beautiful fiber? Alpacas are bred for the wool so why not me? :-)

Then we got into the whole discussion of dyeing the fibers with the things I will be growing in my garden. Aah I am in lala land with this. I see myself at the farmers market next summer selling my spun fibers!!! Now to continue to do the research on spinning wheels!
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