Taco Chili from Leftovers

Taco Chili From Leftovers

I made Burritos the other evening and thinking the kids were stopping in I made a big batch in my dutch oven. Well they never popped over so I had a pretty good amount left. Not the prettiest picture but it is left overs. I could freeze it, which is what I usually do but I opted for a second meal. This is a great way to use your leftovers.

Use your leftover taco meat or burrito mixture. This is about a pound and a half of taco meat with black beans that I used for burritos
This is your base.. Some like their chili thick some like it liquidity.

One can of Diced Tomato and Green Chili
One can of Diced Tomato's
One can of Chili Beans

From here add what you like.  I added more Diced Tomato and Green Chili's and another can of Chili Beans along with half a cup of onion and a large handful of jalapenos.  Top with cheese and if you like sour cream.

What do you add to you chili or taco chili?

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  1. I usually add a whole can of diced green chilies. Yum!

  2. I love beans in my chili and I prefer to have cheese on top as well as saltines to dip inside. YUM!

  3. My favorite chili is a vegetarian one that uses eggplant.

  4. I add 1/2 a can of black olives.

  5. Your chili looks yummy! Mine is so basic!

  6. I like to add in onions and mushrooms.

  7. Yum, I love chili and tacos perfect combo!

  8. YUM!!! Love chili and taco chili sounds delectable!


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